2mm Pink and Grey Moonstone Beaded Necklace


Each piece tells a story. Create your custom one of a kind necklace to give you all the charm and grace you need to navigate your day. And makes a wonderful gift with an extra touch.

• Pick your necklace length

• Choose your charm

 We create your personal charm necklace and ship it to you or the special person you created it for.


Moonstone is a master healer for very busy people. It will bring healing, calming, and soothing energy that will help you regain your personal power and inner balance.


The wishbone has come to symbolize good luck, optimism, and love. It's a symbol that many resonate with and is ideal as a gift for just about any occasion. Luck's always a good thing, and the wishbone goes beyond that, implying that you have a say in making your luck. Wishbones represent all sorts of wonderful things.

The lucky horseshoe symbolizes luck, health, and prosperity and wards off negative energy.

One little acorn, with time, can also be the start of a whole forest of mighty oak trees Symbolic meaning of the Acorn. Acorns symbolize luck, prosperity and growth. The acorn is the seed of the mighty oak tree; therefore, it resembles future potential. strength and growth. Wisdom, Courage, and Power, Strength and Vitality.

The bee symbolizes community, brightness, and personal power. Follow the bee to discover your new destination.

The first leaf on a clover represents hope, the second stands for faith, the third is for love and the fourth leaf brings luck to the finder.

The equal armed cross was well known as a sacred symbol. It is often interpreted as representing either the four seasons, four winds, four elements, or some other aspect of physical nature. The cross paths symbol means that your friends and family will always cross your path.

Remember when you would make a wish and then blow on a dandelion? Then, carefully watch as the fluffy little seeds drifted away, carrying your hopes and dreams for that wish to the place where the magic happens? Relive those fond childhood memories or create new ones with this sweet Dandelion Flower Pendant. This charm features an etched image for a dramatic, elegant look.

Butterflies have always symbolized transformation, as well as grace and expansion. From these winged creatures, we can learn to accept changes in life as gracefully as they do.

Considered a good luck symbol, the bird nest represents all the love and warmth, enthusiasm and commitment required in creating the happiest of homes.

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