wear your GRACE history:

Hillary entered the world of jewelry design in 1999 with the SOMERS line of sophisticated gold and silver pieces, based upon her creative partner’s outsized marble and alabaster sculptures. The brand had great success in galleries, museum shops, and luxury retailers nationwide, and in 2014 Hillary opened the flagship SOMERS store on Palace Avenue in Santa Fe, where the jewelry is designed and produced. 

Inspired by her face-to-face connections with her customers and committed to taking her creativity to a new level, Hillary decided to pursue a new jewelry and lifestyle brand called GRACE, debuting the new designs and rechristening the storefront on Valentine’s Day of 2016. 

The gallery’s location just off the historic Plaza in the heart of Santa Fe brings locals downtown and exposes the brand to visitors from all across the globe. 

Today GRACE jewelry and lifestyle offers Hillary’s signature exquisitely crafted, effortlessly luxurious jewelry, accessories, and objects for the home. Her new designs are an inspired departure from her earlier work, emphasizing movement and incorporating wood, horn, and semi-precious stones. The collection includes best-selling bangles designed by her daughter Coco, who donates a portion of the proceeds to the Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary outside Santa Fe.

Hillary’s business plan was designed for impact as well as profit, and so she regularly offers “share with GRACE” trunk shows nationwide that raise funds for the host’s favorite charity. GRACE also supports Santa Fe’s 100 Women Who Care, which donates over $40,000 per year to local nonprofits.

What’s Cool about the Business?

Guests rave about our casually luxurious aesthetic that shifts with Hillary’s mood and inspiration. We’re located in a 250-year-old adobe structure that oozes Santa Fe history and charm, but stepping inside, visitors are struck by the rich variety of our gold-on-white theme and our bespoke wall art, which includes a tangerine, tromp l’oeil curtain painted across the back wall.

Hillary loves collaborating with artists she’s met on her travels, so we regularly feature jewelry by guest designers and we also host events promoting other artwork we love.

Hillary’s designs are original, captivating, seductive and fresh—and most can be worn several ways, which our customers adore. Minutes after a design is completed in our workshop upstairs, we can show it on the floor, and customers appreciate that immediacy.

It’s our passion to truly connect with women from all walks of life: listening to their stories and encouraging self-expression through their jewelry. Jewelry selection is so intimate—and we strive to sell pieces that a customer will want to make part of her daily wardrobe, her life. So we connect, we listen, and we always have fun.