“Share with GRACE” we believe that true beauty extends beyond our products to the impact we have on our community. Our retail store is not just a place to find unique and meaningful jewelry, but also a hub for doing good and spreading kindness.Through our "Share with Grace" initiative, we are committed to giving back and making a positive difference. We partner with local charities, support community events, and contribute to causes that align with our values of love, compassion, and empowerment. Every purchase you make helps us continue this mission, allowing us to invest in projects that uplift and inspire those around us. Join us in sharing grace, and together, we can create a brighter, more compassionate world. Thank you for being a part of our journey

The faces of GRACE


Our Team 

Hillary Randolph 

Owner and Visionary



Hillary Randolph is a visionary artist in the realm of jewelry design, embarking on her creative journey in 1999 with the SOMERS line. Transcending traditional boundaries, she crafted wearable gold and silver masterpieces from her creative partner's marble and alabaster sculptures, earning recognition nationwide in galleries, museum shops, and luxury retailers.

In 2014, Hillary's artistic evolution reached new heights with the opening of the flagship SOMERS store on Santa Fe's Palace Avenue. This not only solidified her presence but also provided a showcase for her exceptional creations.

The subsequent chapter in her journey saw the birth of GRACE, a jewelry and lifestyle brand launched on Valentine's Day 2016. GRACE goes beyond being a brand; it is Hillary's expression of love and gratitude for family and community. Embodying the elegance of contradiction and the energy of simplicity, the collection features effortlessly luxurious jewelry, accessories, and home objects.

GRACE is not only about aesthetics; it is philanthropic. Actively supporting Santa Fe's 100 Women Who Care, GRACE contributes  annually to local non-profits. Hillary believes in leading from the heart, emphasizing collaboration over creation. GRACE is the embodiment of joy and light within her, expressing and inspiring gratitude.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Hillary is a compassionate soul with a deep connection to animals. Sharing her life with four dogs and a rescued Mustang named Luna Rosa Grace, she brings warmth and authenticity to her creative endeavors.

In the world of GRACE, the experience in the store is paramount. Whether you make a purchase or simply soak in the atmosphere, Hillary values every visitor's presence, making the GRACE experience an important facet of her artistic narrative. Hillary Randolph is not just a store owner and designer; she is a storyteller, a collaborator, and a beacon of artistic grace with a philanthropic heart.


Jeff Isaacs


Meet Jeff, a Santa Fe resident since 1984 who initially arrived to pursue studies in Directing for the theatre at the College of Santa Fe. After his college years, Jeff honed his skills in various regional theaters before embarking on a remarkable 23-year career with J.Crew. During this time, he managed local businesses and played a pivotal role in opening new store locations.

In 2015, Jeff transitioned to the Grace team, where he currently serves as the manager and visionary genius of the store, overseeing its retail business. Beyond his professional achievements, Jeff wears the hat of a GX Fitness Instructor at Capitol Defined Fitness in Santa Fe, showcasing his enthusiasm for an active lifestyle.

When not immersed in the world of retail or fitness, Jeff, alongside his partner Michael, can be found enjoying the outdoors on a bike or a hike, all while managing their two dogs and a delightfully mischievous cat. Jeff's love for the spirit of community in Santa Fe is evident as he spends considerable time at GRACE, meeting clients from around the world, and continually expanding his circle of friends