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Palo Santos Extra Large

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Palo Santos Extra Large


Palo Santo is a sustainably cultivated wood from South America that has natural aromatic properties from its resin. The scent is complex with rich, musky, sweet, citrus notes mixed with mint and pine. This “holy wood” is traditionally burned to ward off bad energy, calm and cleanse the body and mind, and to bring good fortune to those who use it.

• Approximately 30 4˝ sticks

• printed cork lid

• 6˝ high x 3˝ wide


Break the cycle of poverty with GRACE

Long Handled Market Bag Tote

Long Handled Market Bag Tote


We believe you want long-lasting, everyday items which improve the lives of the people who make them — because your purchase is helping shape the kind of world we live in. We co-created the GRACE market bag to break a poverty cycle by providing the mothers who handcrafted your bag with Fair Trade wages, annual profit dividends, and a retirement fund.

12.5' Wide x 15"High x 11" Deep

Pre-orders will ship March 31st.

Words of Grace

"Hillary's gift of alchemy, or magical creativity, is evident across all of the unique collections of GRACE. I love the spirit of response all of my GRACE pieces continue to draw from friends, family, and colleagues."


"I love a business that embraces fun, whimsy, and a sense of happiness in all that they do. The "Dog Bar" located just outside the entrance is a brilliant touch!"


"I am a long-time customer for meaningful reasons:  the vast selection of stunning designs, coupled with Hillary's caring and fun spirit, as she is such a kind bright light and her work beautifully reflects it."


"The ambience of GRACE feels romantic and serene -- the sense of happiness that flows through their gallery and so many stunning pieces. Plus, the staff's caring service makes GRACE one of my favorite shopping experiences."


"GRACE is more like a gallery...distinct, savvy, artsy with touches of stylish whimsy. Hillary's charm is an added gift. Her collections are as beautiful as she is."


"This is a beautiful store! The exterior encapsulates the rich history of Santa Fe while the interior is modern and unique. Not to be missed when in Santa Fe!"


I love this place and it's support for animal rescue organizations with the purchase of Coco's Bangles. At the store’s entrance is a “Dog Bar” -- complete with treats tucked inside a mailbox! Four-legged friends can have a snack and quench their thirst before being welcomed inside 'with' GRACE."


"It's rare that I have felt such a personal connection with jewelry -- something magical is happening at GRACE."



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